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    Controlled by voice and fires 2500 shots per minute. What is good about the French fighter “Rafale” (photo)

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    The aircraft is also equipped with a warning system

    The Rafal fighter made its first flight in 1986. / Photo: Collage: Today

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    Ukraine continues to receive military support from Western countries. No sooner had France handed over six Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts to the Armed Forces of Ukraine than there were rumors that it could also hand over Rafale aircraft.

    A military analyst from Austria, Tom Cooper, told TV presenter Oleg Panyuta for the author’s project “Explaining Panyuta” on the YouTube channel “Ukraine 24” that these aircraft would greatly help Ukraine, although there are still some nuances.

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    The site “Today” found out what is special about these French aircraft.

    french fighter

    As noted, the Dassault “Rafale” (“Shkval”) is a fourth-generation French multi-role fighter developed by the French company Dassault Aviation. The aircraft made its first flight in July 1986, and was adopted by the French Navy and Air Force in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

    The aircraft itself is made according to a dynamic scheme with an additional high-lying front horizontal tail, a mid-positioned triangular wing with root influxes and two engines in the rear fuselage.

    In addition, it is equipped with a Thales SPECTRA warning system, which includes a laser warning, a radar warning, a DDM-NG missile attack warning system (since 2012), consisting of 2 passive sensors on the keel.

    Fighter of the fourth generation "Rafal".  Photo - Wikipedia.

    Fighter of the fourth generation “Rafal”. Photo – Wikipedia.

    This air combat vehicle managed to fight in Afghanistan, Libya and during the operation to destroy ISIS in the Middle East in 2015-2016. In addition to France, this fighter is in service with the armies of Egypt, India and Qatar. It was also known about their order by Croatia, Indonesia and Greece.

    Characteristics of “Rafale”:

    • crew – 1-2 people;
    • length – 15.30 m;
    • wingspan – 10.90 m;
    • height – 5.30 m;
    • wing area – 45.7 m²;
    • empty weight – 10,000 kg;
    • normal takeoff weight – 14 710 kg;
    • maximum takeoff weight – 24,500 kg;
    • payload weight – 9500 kg;
    • mass of fuel in internal tanks – 4700 kg;
    • mass of fuel in the PTB – 6700 kg;
    • engine – 2 × double-circuit turbojet with afterburner SNECMA M88-2-E4;
    • dry weight of the engine – 897 kg;
    • maximum thrust – 2 × 5100 kgf;
    • afterburner thrust – 2 × 7500 kgf;
    • gas temperature in front of the turbine – +1577 °C (1850 K);
    • maximum speed at high altitude – ~ 2200 km / h (M = 1.8);
    • radius – 1800 km;
    • combat radius – 1389 km in the suspension version: 3 PTB, 2 MICA UR, 2 Meteor UR, 6 LGB / PGM, 1 Navigation POD;
    • rate of climb – >305 m/s (18,300 m/min);
    • wing load – 326 kg / m²;
    • maximum operational overload – -3.2 / +9.0 g;
    • cannon weapons – 1 × 30 mm Nexter DEFA 791B (rate of fire 2500 rds / min), ammunition – 125 APIT cartridges (armor-piercing incendiary tracer) with a bottom fuse;
    • air-to-air missiles – MICA, AIM-9, AIM-120, AIM-132, MBDA Meteor, Mazhik II;
    • air-to-surface missiles – ASMP and ASMPA medium range with nuclear warhead“Apache”, AM-39, Storm Shadow, AASM;
    • forced thrust – 7440 kgf;
    • specific fuel consumption: without afterburner – 0.875 kg per kgf per hour, with afterburner – 1.75 kg per kgf per hour;
    • outer diameter – 0.78 m;
    • engine length – 3.5 m;
    • engine weight – 880 kg.

    Rafale also has a complete “cockpit display” (an aircraft cockpit panel that includes electronic displays and is devoid of any mechanical indicators). It was developed on the principle of data fusion: for easier control, the central computer intelligently selects and provides priority information to the pilots on the monitors.

    To display information gathered from a range of sensors throughout the aircraft, the cockpit is equipped with a wide angle holographic display (HUD) system, two main flat color multifunction displays (MFDs), and a central collimated display. These displays are positioned to minimize the distraction of pilots from the outside environment. Some screens have a touch interface to facilitate human-computer interaction.

    Rafal also has a voice flight control system that allows the crew to perform a number of operations through voice commands.

    The minimum cost of one Rafale F4 in the basic configuration is approximately $85 millionand in the improved one – up to $124 million.

    Interestingly, the aircraft also appears in computer games, such as the flight simulator Jane’s Fighters Anthology and the Ace Combat series of games for PC and consoles.

    The Segodnya website also wrote that the United States will transfer two NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. We also wrote about the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, which are already hitting the invaders with all their might, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny showed the bright work of the Polish “Crabs” at the front.

    Source: Segodnya

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