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Zuckerberg, our AI model translates into 200 different languages

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United Kingdom, Johnson:

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that can translate into 200 different languages, many of which are not supported by current translation systems, thus favoring inclusion and communication even in the metaverse. This is the goal reached by Meta-Facebook with the No Language Left Behind open source project. To make it known in a post Mark Zuckerberg. “It is impressive – he says – how much AI is improving all of our services. No Language Left Behind and the AI ​​modeling techniques we have used are helping to deliver high quality translations for the languages ​​spoken by billions of people in Worldwide”.

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The project will improve and expand translations on Facebook, Instagram and Wikipedia, and being open source, open, will help other researchers improve their translation tools.

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“To give an idea of ​​the scale – he adds – the model in 200 languages ​​has over 50 billion parameters and we have trained it using our new research SuperCluster, which is one of the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputers in the world. Advances here will enable over 25 billion translations every day through our apps. “

“Communication between languages ​​is a superpower provided by AI but as we continue to advance our work AI is improving everything we do – from displaying the most interesting content on Facebook and Instagram, to recommending the most relevant ads. , to the security of our services for all, “concludes Zuckerberg.

Translation is a field on which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, several technology companies are pushing. Google announced at its latest developer conference in May that its Translator has added 24 new languages, bringing the total number to 133. And it anticipated a prototype of smart glasses that translate languages ​​in real time.

Source: Ansa

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