Metaverse, Magic Leap 2 goggles arrive in September

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUL 13 – Magic Leap is an American company that in 2018 launched the homonymous mixed reality glasses. In September, the manufacturer will make the second version available, priced at $ 3,299, initially for businesses only. In the landscape of the most active brands in the metaverse, Magic Leap wants to carve out a place as a technology provider that opens up to 3D worlds for professional use. Among the improvements, the Leap 2 features a wider field of view and a better fit. Magic Leap has already distributed the goggles to a limited number of partners, including neurotech company SyncThink and other medical companies. By September Leap 2 will be available for purchase in several markets, including the US, Italy, UK, Germany, France and Spain. Available in three packages, what changes is the software support. The $ 3,299 “Basic” package includes glasses and a limited warranty. The $ 4,099 “Developer Pro” option adds development software tools and access to early software releases, but is limited to in-house development, not full commercial distribution.

The $ 4,999 “Enterprise” package includes quarterly software updates and tools to manage device rollout across an organization. Many specifications of Magic Leap 2 were outlined in January by the manufacturer, who has been talking about it since 2019. Despite a launch for the business market, the company has expressed its willingness to re-enter the consumer segment in the future, also in the wake of the moves of Meta and the other big names in hi-tech. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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