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Cybercrime, in May Italy first in Europe for ransomware

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Government, Salvini:

In May, Italy ranked first in Europe and sixth in the world for ransomware and malware attacks. The figure emerges from the latest report by Trend Micro, a cybersecurity company.
In detail, in May the total number of ransomware – viruses that take a device hostage and demand a ransom to return its data – intercepted worldwide was 1,336,000.

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Italy is the most affected country in Europe and the sixth in the world with a percentage of attacks suffered of 4.44%. The top positions of this world ranking see the United States (19.82%), Turkey (12.13%), Japan (5.81%), Taiwan (5.73%) and India (5.71%). Ransomware remains a global threat: just a few days ago, the FBI and the US authorities launched a threat to a new virus called Maui and it affects healthcare facilities. It is currently only operating in the United States.

As for malware, according to Trend Micro, Italy is first in Europe and fifth in the world. This is the list of the top five countries with the number of intercepted attacks: Japan (127.120.942), United States (77.384.579), India (24.534.066), Brazil (22.617.407), Italy (17.396.690).

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The five sectors in order most affected by cybercriminals in Italy were: Public administration, healthcare, tech sector, manufacturing and banking. In May, Trend Micro “stopped 11.5 million threats, of which 58.6% came via email.” (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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