Pnrr: the National Supercomputing Center is born in Bologna

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 19 – The National Supercomputing Center is born, it can count on almost 320 million euros, 51 founding members distributed throughout the country from the public and private sectors, from the world of scientific research and industry . It will be based at the Bologna Technopole and will go into full operation on September 1st. The goal is to create the largest Italian system dedicated to high performance computing, big data management and quantum computing. To announce a note from the Infn, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics that proposed it and is among the members of the Icsc Foundation, which will manage the National Research Center in High Performance Computing, Big Data and Quantum Computing, this is the name in full, one of the five national centers envisaged by the NRP.

“The Center will carry out Research and Development activities at national and international level in favor of innovation in the field of simulations, calculation and high performance data analysis – explains the infn – Activities carried out starting from an infrastructure of avant-garde at an international level for High Performance Computing and big data management, capable of systematizing resources and promoting and integrating emerging technologies. It will also support higher education and promote the development of policies for the responsible management of data with a view to open data and open science. It also provides for the involvement of Italian companies to build a synergy between the scientific communities and the industrial world “.

During the first plenary assembly, the founding members elected Antonio Zoccoli, Infn president, as president of the Foundation, and the ten members of the Board of Directors: Emilio Fortunato Campana of the CNR, Paolo Maria Mancarella of the University of Pisa, Francesco Scarcello from the University of Calabria, Donatella Sciuto from the Milan Polytechnic, Simona Tondelli from the University of Bologna, Francesco Ubertini from Cineca, Matteo Laterza from UnipolSai, Elisabetta Oliveri from Autostrade per l’Italia, Andrea Quacivi from Sogei, Francesca Zarri from Eni. (HANDLE).

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