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    Fortnite Impostors: Epic admits inspiration from Among Us

    While inspiration, even plagiarism, was obvious to many people, it wasn’t until several months later that Epic Games admitted to being inspired byAmong Us for his Fortnite Impostors.

    Last August, to give a boost to its Fortnite who perhaps needed it, Epic Games had launched the Fortnite Impostors mode. The playersAmong Us however, were able to tickle by observing severe similarities between the two games. The kind to be underlined in red.

    InnerSloth Credits

    In the wake of this announcement, the developers ofAmong Us had reacted in a way not really amused: “It would have been really, really cool to collaborate. In a pinch the mechanics of the game, no problem, they shouldn’t be exclusive, but at least change the theme or the terminology to make it a little more interesting? “

    On Twitter, the official Fortnite account tries an approach with that of Among Us

    On the occasion of the deployment of the v18.20 update of the Impostors mode of Fortnite, the game’s Twitter account officially recognized an inspiration fromAmong Us. The post mentions the model’s Twitter account, which responded to her with keen eyes.

    It would not be surprising that Epic was somewhat pushed to recognize this connection to be a little less perceived by its community as a thief of ideas and concepts. The response from Among Us’s account led to a conversation with the account of Fortnite :

    “- Hey Among Us! Since you are here, there is something we would like to ask you.

    – Oh ? What is it about ?

    We are big fans! We never had the opportunity to talk about how you inspired us. How do you feel about working together on something fun one day? ”

    What the “community manager” ofAmong Us drew on the vocabulary of the game to show his approval of the stated project. It therefore now seems inevitable that in the more or less near future, we will findAmong Us at the house of Fortnite and vice versa, and this in a completely official manner. But would the world really need it?


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