Apple is aiming for September 7 for the launch of the new iPhone

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Apple is starting to present its new iPhone on September 7, while the landing on the shelves is expected on the 16th of next month. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency citing some sources, according to which the launch of the iPhone is the kick-off of a season intended for Cupertino which is also expected to introduce the new Mac, iPad and Apple Watch.
The indiscretion comes as Vietnamese newspaper Toui Tre News reports that Apple has entered into talks with some of its suppliers to produce the Apple Watch and MacBook in Vietnam with the aim of reducing its dependence on China.

A rumor that would seem to confirm the rumors that have been circulating for months about Apple’s desire to look beyond China. Vietnam is one of the most attractive alternatives for Cupertino. The country, along with India, has long been in pole position for Apple. The game, however, is difficult. On the one hand, Cupertino would like to limit its exposure to China due to lockdowns but also due to the tense relations between Washington and Beijing and China’s failure to condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine.

However, China offers Cupertino highly skilled employees at low cost and above all accounts for a fifth of its global sales. On paper, India would be the country best positioned to ‘replace’ Chinese production at least in part. Some of Cupertino’s suppliers are in fact already present in the country where they produce iPhones for the fast-growing local market. One of the biggest problems India presents, however, is that of tense relations with China, which makes trade relations between the two countries difficult, which is why some Apple contractors are considering a possible expansion in Vietnam or other countries. of Southeast Asia.

Source: Ansa

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