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(ANSA) – To answer questions about the methods used to check accounts, Twitter may soon allow more users to get a special tag next to their profile by entering a valid mobile number. To date, “blue check” verified accounts must already have provided a professional phone number or email address. With the new method, a special tag would be introduced, with which the platform would indicate the verified profiles next to the already existing ones, highlighted in blue.

Software engineer Jane Manchun Wong has found the tag with which the social network could label profiles that have entered a phone number on the platform. Wong also noticed another test feature showing the view count for tweets, which some users already have access to under the “analytics” menu. According to the engineer, linking an account to a number could be a way to increase the level of security on the social network as well as to reduce spam between tweets, letting subscribers privilege incoming posts from profiles with the additional validation. A while ago, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked about plans to allow verification for everyone, embracing a methodology similar to that used by services like Airbnb and Tinder, which use phone numbers as part of their processes. account verification. On August 5, Twitter released details of a cyber breach, which allowed third parties to obtain information on 5.4 million accounts associated with particular phone numbers and email addresses. According to the company, the flaw was resolved with an update in June 2021, although the stolen database remained in circulation until July of this year, research by the social security team on the dark web revealed. (HANDLE).

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