Twitter, podcasts become an integral part of social media

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 26 – Twitter takes an important step in the world of podcasts, which become an integral part of the Spaces section. This collects live audio conversations, inspired by the Clubhouse app. Unlike today’s live content, with podcasts you can publish files so that they stay online longer, searchable by a wider audience. “This is another way to continue investing in audio creators,” Twitter said in an official blog post. The Spaces tab is completely redesigned so that users can easily access both live and recorded podcasts, divided by topic. The launch affects a first group of both iOS and Android users who have set the app in English. Currently, only conversations in that language are online, although they come from anywhere in the world. In the future, Twitter will probably open the podcast section to other languages ​​as well. The company explained that subscribers can filter podcasts based on interests such as breaking news, music, and sports. According to internal research, 45% of Twitter users also listen to podcasts on other apps on a monthly basis. Therefore, the company’s aim is for people to stay more time on the platform, preferring it, for example, to new competitors like Spotify. “We know that some discussions require more than 280 characters and bringing people closer to the ideas, content and creators they know and love is critical to Twitter, no matter where the conversations take place,” the American company said. The Spaces platform dates back to 2020 and allows users to host and participate in live audio rooms. Since then, Twitter has introduced several new features to the section, including the ability to record sessions to listen to them later. “Fans love knowing when their favorite podcasts arrive with a new season.

Both emerging and established creators will be able to use Twitter to expand and inform their audience “. (ANSA).

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