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The Apple Watch Ultra withstands hammer blows incredibly well

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The new Apple Watch Ultra is presented as the strongest smartwatch ever launched by the brand. And with the arrival of the first watches, Internet users are putting Apple’s claims to the test. This is what the youtuber TechRax, a specialist in the torture of tech products of all kinds, did among others.

From the first tests, we can see that Apple has kept its marketing promises. TechRax begins by dropping the Watch Ultra face down: the screen remains intact – even if the youtubeur notices the appearance of the first marks on the titanium casing. The following test is meant to simulate the wear that can occur in the mountains, especially for those who practice rock climbing or other extreme sports.

This YouTuber put the durability of Apple Watch Ultra to the test

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To do this, he therefore decides to put his Apple Watch Ultra in a jar filled with iron nails… before shaking the whole thing well. Surprisingly the watch resists, even if at this stage the bracelet begins to show signs of wear. But probably the most eloquent test is undoubtedly the one that TechRax decides to carry out at the conclusion of the video.

He decides to put his Apple Watch Ultra on a table and hit the watch several times with a hammer. Surprisingly, it’s actually the table that shows the first worrying signs of wear… after six hammer blows. The Apple Watch Ultra only succumbs to this mistreatment after the 11th blow of the hammer.

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At this point, the screen has indeed turned off and refuses to turn on again. However, superficially, the surface of the screen still seems intact: the glass of the screen does indeed break only a few blows later, as does the back of the watch. Of course, your unit is unlikely to actually endure such rough treatment under normal use, even if you play extreme sports.

– Apple Watch Ultra: repairs cost an arm and a leg, especially without AppleCare

We can therefore say that Apple has reinforced this smartwatch rather well. The Apple Watch Ultra is sold in France for €999. The watch offers the same features as the Apple Watch Series 8 – with a larger 49mm screen, Titanium casing, stronger glass, and standard GPS + cellular connectivity.

Source: Presse-Citron

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