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For Tim Cook, there are not enough women in Tech, even at Apple

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The figure is particularly striking. Despite the progress made in recent years, women are still too little present in the new technologies sector. According to a study published by the consulting firm Deloitte, large technology companies will reach 33% of women in their workforce this year, with only 25% in technical roles.

“The presence of women is essential”

This topic was rightly addressed by Apple CEO Tim Cook in a fascinating interview with the BBC. He was speaking at the launch of a development program to support female app creators in the UK. The Cupertino company has made good progress in recent years, but women are still in the minority: 35% of the workforce.

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According to the leader: Technology is a great thing that will accomplish a lot, but if you don’t have different perspectives at the negotiating table, you won’t get great solutions. I think the essence of technology and its effect on humanity depends on the presence of women in discussions “.

And Tim Cook explains that the Tech giants, including his company, have no excuse in the matter: “ There aren’t enough women taking computer classes, so I can’t hire enough “. On the contrary, he pleads for everyone to have access to coding courses at the end of their schooling in order to have practical knowledge in this field.

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Note that during this same interview, decidedly very rich, the boss of Apple returned to the subject of augmented reality. For him, AR is a key issue, so much ” that in the future people will wonder how we ever lived without it. He also seems to believe in the concept of a metaverse which he calls ” deep and specifies that the apple brand is investing heavily in this area.

Source: Presse-Citron

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