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Samsung unveils a sliding screen for the laptops of the future

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While it is already thoroughly in folding smartphones, Samsung is also interested in the screens of future laptops. And while computers with foldable screens are available on the market, the Korean giant has just introduced a new form factor: the sliding screen.

In essence, instead of folding, this screen can be rolled out in order to increase the area on which the user can work. The advantage of the prototype presented by Samsung Display is that it will provide a compact computer, but whose screen can expand when necessary.

A screen that goes from 13 inches to 17 inches

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At the Intel Innovation 2022 event, JS Choi, the boss of Samsung Display, took the stage to lift the veil on this new technology. “[…] the world’s first 17-inch sliding screen for PC”did he declare.

Indeed, when you want to have a compact screen, it has a diagonal of 13 inches. On the other hand, when we pull this one to extend the surface, we obtain a diagonal of 17 inches. The tech would primarily suit 2-in-1 PCs, with a tablet form factor.

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Unfortunately, for the moment we do not know when this sliding screen will be marketed. And Samsung Display did not mention the durability or the characteristics of the screen, such as the resolution, the ratio or the brightness.

But in any case, JS Choi’s little demonstration gives us a glimpse of future PCs that will take advantage of rollable screens. It should also be noted that Samsung has decided to distinguish itself from other brands, by using a different vocabulary.

As you may already know, a few companies have already presented smartphones with screens of the same type that allow you to expand the work surface. These devices were presented as smartphones with rollable screens or “rollables” in English. Samsung, for its part, speaks rather of a sliding screen, or “slidable”.

Future PCs will also be more synchronous with your iPhone

The Intel Innovation Conference 2022 is an opportunity for Intel to showcase the latest technologies and innovations for the PC market. And among these is the new family of 13th generation Intel Core processors, as well as Unison software.

The latter was developed by Intel following the acquisition of the Israeli company Screenovate in 2021. Compatible with Andorid and iOS, Intel Unison will allow easy file transfers between smartphones and computers, access to text messages from Windows, access to calls phone numbers and contacts, as well as access to notifications.

In essence, it will work more or less like Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app. But we can hope for more features for iPhone users, thanks to Screenovate’s technologies.

Source: Presse-Citron

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