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Kindle Scribe, Echo Studio, QLED TV… Amazon launches a shower of new products

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Amazon held its major annual conference on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 in the evening, which was particularly dense with new products this year. Beyond expected products such as the new Kindle Scribe, and updates to Echo speakers and Ring accessories and new QLED TVs, Amazon also talked about more confidential products, the result of recent acquisitions and partnerships – such as Eero WiFi mesh solutions. , or even the upcoming implementation of Alexa in BMW cars.

The Echo connected speakers thus benefit from great new features. First, Amazon is launching a new Echo Studio speaker with a new design, and above all a new spatialized audio rendering system that allows the device to deliver a stereo effect, while enhancing “extent, clarity and presence. ” of sound reproduction. The speaker array has been upgraded inside so the device can produce more clarity in the mids, and deeper bass.

Amazon announces a shower of new hardware, starting with speakers

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The new Echo Studio will be available, in black or white, from next month for a price of €199.99. The Echo Dot has also been slightly revised and corrected to include a larger speaker. As for the Echo Dot with Clock, it now offers a more readable display capable of displaying more information such as the name of the artist or the song, for example.

The two improved versions also include new, more practical touch controls. The speakers are available for pre-order for €59.99 and €69.99 respectively. In addition to these models, Amazon will offer two new models of Echo Kids children’s speakers starting next month, priced at $60. Additionally, Amazon introduced a new Echo Auto that’s thinner and more discreet than the previous generation, and now comes with a stickier adhesive.

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Amazon has also announced that it is collaborating with BMW to develop the brand’s new voice assistant. The project must “allow an even more natural dialogue between the driver and his vehicle”. For now, however, the firm does not share many more details. Another similar product, the Fire TV Cube (€159.99, available in France from October 27, 2022) – a kind of Apple TV that would have eaten an Echo speaker – has also been updated with a new, more attractive design, the Wifi 6E and a new technical sheet under the sign of performance and 4K.

Amazon also launches attractive Fire TV QLED televisions

But it’s not just OTT boxes – Amazon now also has beautiful “Fire Omni” QLED TVs. The firm is launching two 65″ and 75″ models which will be marketed in October respectively for a starting price (in the United States) of $800 and $1,100. These TVs of exceptional quality are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as Full Array Local Dimming.

The largest of these TVs can dynamically adjust brightness in 96 zones to boost the HDR effect – the range is now Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10 Plus Adaptive compatible. However, we do not know if and when these TVs will be available in France.

Amazon news also on the Ring, Eero and Halo Rise side…

Amazon also had a lot of new Ring side but also other more confidential initiatives like Eero and Halo. The CCTV camera ecosystem benefits from two new options: the Spotlight Cam Pro and Spotlight Cam Plus. The two outdoor cameras with integrated light are available from €229.99 (with a slightly higher price depending on battery, solar, etc. variants).

Eero is an Amazon subsidiary specializing in WiFi Mesh routers. The firm has just announced the Eero PoE 6 (PoE means that it is powered directly via the ethernet cable). The set of devices offers up to 1.5 Gbps of throughput over an area of ​​180 m2. The starting price is $300. Finally, the Halo Rise is a new sleep tracker that uses a low-power sensor to observe the breathing and movements of the user sleeping near the device.

The Halo Rise embeds Alexa and offers a digital display that shows the time – as well as a set of lights capable of simulating the sunrise, which is particularly appreciated in the winter months when you live rather in the north…

…but the star of the show was the Kindle Scribe

Amazon has finally decided to offer a Kindle with stylus: the Kindle Scribe. The tablet offers a 10.2″ e-Ink screen with 300 dpi definition. The stylus is magnetic and therefore attaches easily to the e-Ink tablet. Amazon specifies that the stylus does not require recharging or synchronization to work.

Concretely, with this stylus you can freely draw, doodle, take handwritten notes, and even annotate the books you read. Amazon will also make it possible from next year to edit and send Word documents from the Kindle Scribe. The Kindle Scribe is available for pre-order in France for €369.99.

– Employment, taxes – Amazon launches a seduction operation in France

Amazon promises to deliver the first devices from November 30, 2022. A version with a “premium stylus” is also offered at a slightly higher price of €399.99. What do you think of all these announcements? Which Amazon product do you find the most interesting? Share your opinion in the comments!

Source: Presse-Citron

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