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Apple fires executive for making sexist comment on TikTok

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It’s a seemingly innocuous video but the consequences are major. Tony Blevins, an Apple executive who oversees the tech giant’s supply chain, was fired after making vulgar comments on TikTok.

The behavior of the leader denounced by Apple employees

This longtime executive of the Apple brand appears in a video posted by Daniel Mac, a star of the social network which has 13 million subscribers. The post has since been viewed more than 1.4 million times. Asked about what he does for a living, Tony Blevins explains that he plays golf and adds a sexist remark to his sentence. He has since apologized for his remarks, but Apple has confirmed that he will be leaving the company.

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It must be said that the video did not go unnoticed within the Cupertino company, and employees reported this content to the human resources department. The company has indeed high ambitions in terms of inclusivity, and the idea is in particular to create a welcoming atmosphere for women within the company to avoid abuse.

Last year, a previous case had been heavily publicized. Apple had thus proceeded to the dismissal of Ashley Gjøvik, an employee who complained about her working conditions. The latter had spoken publicly on Twitter to say that the Apple brand was not taking sufficient measures to combat the sexism and harassment of which it considered itself a victim.

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Apple then defended itself and explained: We are and always have been deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment, an Apple spokesperson replied. We take all concerns seriously and investigate thoroughly whenever an issue is raised, and out of respect for the privacy of everyone involved, we do not comment on specific cases. »

On a more general level, and unrelated to these previous cases, Apple, like other Tech giants, has been adopting a much more cautious employment policy in recent months.

In particular, we learned last August that the company had laid off a large number of recruitment consultants. The idea is clearly to limit the company’s hiring and spending, according to information from the American media. Bloomberg.

Source: Presse-Citron

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