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Bruce Willis fights against his digital twin

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The uses of artificial intelligence are numerous. And among these, there are deepfakes. This technology makes it possible to train the AI ​​on videos of a person, then to generate new videos artificially, without the subject needing to be filmed.

Given that some deepfakes have reached an impressive level of realism, this is a cause for concern today. Indeed, these can for example be used to create fake videos of stars, leaders or business leaders with the aim of misinforming the public.

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But as always, technology is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how it is used. And Deepcake company decided to use deepfake technology in entertainment field.

Its service: to generate (legally) videos of celebrities, without them having to move. And recently, a rumor has spread like wildfire that career-ending Bruce Willis has signed a deal with Deepcake so that company can use the actor’s “digital twin” in movies. videos.

A rumor quickly denied

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This would have been a first, and would also have allowed Bruce Willis to continue his career via his digital twin, without having to go on set. However, the rumor was denied.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, a representative for Bruce Willis indicated that the actor has no partnership with Deepcake. A representative for Deepcake has also confirmed that Bruce Willis’ “digital likeness” rights cannot be sold as they belong to him by default.

In contrast, Bruce Willis reportedly collaborated with Deepcake for a 2021 ad campaign, in which the company used the actor’s digital twin. But it was a one-off collaboration.

Below you have a video published by Reuters in 2021, on this “authorized” deepfake of Bruce Willis.

Moreover, the actor is quoted on the website of Deepcake. The service says Bruce Willis is happy with the accuracy of his character, and this opportunity to step back in time. Artificial intelligence has indeed been trained on videos extracted from diehard and Fifth Element.

In March, the family of Bruce Willis announced the end of the actor’s career, for health reasons. Indeed, he was diagnosed with aphasia, which impacts his cognitive faculties.

In any case, the rumor about its digital twin has brought to light an interesting use of deepfakes. If some malicious actors use this technology to spread misinformation or scams, it could also bring retired or even deceased celebrities back to the screen (but here ethical questions could arise).

Source: Presse-Citron

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