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This giant battery is capable of powering an entire city, a record

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When we talk about batteries, it is most often to evoke those of smartphones or electric cars. But batteries can also be used to store energy for cities.

And precisely, in China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has just announced the connection to the network of the largest flow battery energy storage station in the world in the city of Dalian. During the first phase of its development, this giant battery will have a capacity of 400 MWh and an output of 100 MW.

Enough to supply 200,000 Chinese with electricity

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Taking into account the average electricity consumption in China, this should meet the daily electricity needs of 200,000 residents. Dalian having several million inhabitants, the battery does not supply the whole city. But storage can help better manage peak times.

However, if the electricity consumption of a Chinese and a Frenchman were the same, this battery would be enough to supply electricity to the inhabitants of towns such as Reims, Toulon or Saint-Étienne.

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The project is supported by researchers from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And the construction was done by Rongke Power company.

Besides the fact that this giant battery will be used as a kind of power-bank for the city, it is also a tool for the energy transition. In fact, it will make it possible to store electricity from renewable energy sources in the form of chemical energy, for later use when these sources are not available due to weather variations.

A system with its flaws and many advantages

The technology used is different from the lithium-ion battery storage system of our smartphones. Indeed, chemical energy is stored in reservoirs in liquid form and is converted into electricity when passing through a membrane.

While clutter is one of the system’s major flaws, the Chinese Academy of Sciences says it has enormous potential for large-scale energy storage. The academy indeed evokes “its excellent safety, good reliability, high power output and storage capacity, long service life, good cost-performance ratio, use of recyclable electrolytes and environmental friendliness.”

On the other hand, the technology is also compatible with conventional thermal power plants, nuclear, and other energy sources. In addition, the project already aims to increase capacity to 800 MWh and power to 200 MW.

Source: Presse-Citron

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