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EcoFlow revolutionizes energy, and cuts its prices for Black Friday

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Smartphones, TV, consoles, the tech world knows its classics. From time to time, new products arrive and disrupt a category. The EcoFlow brand is the perfect example with its revolutionary charging solutions, which are perfect for addressing today’s energy issues.

To celebrate Black Friday, the brand offers on its official website very big discounts of up to 300 euros. Here are the offers not to be missed.

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EcoFlow Delta: the all-rounder

Absolute reference in terms of portable electrical stations, the EcoFlow Delta is currently available at 1,199 euros instead of 1,449 euros. This battery-powered generator allows you to charge all your everyday tech products. Smartphone, consoles, or even TV on, it can do it all.

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The first step is to charge it by plugging it into a wall outlet (or a solar panel which we talk about below). Capable of going from 0 to 80% in less than an hour, it offers a capacity of 1.2 kWh, which will allow hours of emergency power.

It can also accompany you in the garden and is capable of powering large DIY tools up to 1800 W. You will not find more powerful in this format. You can feed up to 11 devices at the same time either by USB, or with a classic plug.

In this period of energy shortage, it is above all the safest way to secure your installation at home in the event of a power failure. Connecting your fiber box, your laptop, your console and/or TV will be possible for several hours.

A portable solar panel to gain autonomy

But EcoFlow goes further than its portable stations with accessories for different uses, such as its charging cable with cigarette lighter. The most interesting if you are looking to save electricity, are the solar panels capable of recharging it.

You can couple up to 4 solar panels with your EcoFlow, and therefore save charging time. No need for complex installation like panels on a roof. With EcoFlow models, you simply unfold the panel and you’re done.

If you like road trips in the mountains, this is an ideal solution with daytime charging, and the possibility of returning to a fully charged station in the evening.

For this special operation on the official website, the kit including an EcoFlow DELTA and 160W solar panels is offered at 1,548 euros instead of 1,848 euros.

DELTA MAX: overpowering

The DELTA MAX is an evolution under steroids of the DELTA. Available in 1,600 Wh and 2,000 Wh models, it offers 4 AC outputs, a maximum power of 2,500W, four USB-A ports (2×12 W and 2×18 W), as well as 2 USB-C outputs.

By coupling it with additional batteries, you can go up to 6 kWh. In the event of a power outage, you can, for example, continue to supply your refrigerator for several hours.

The DELTA MAX 1600 is offered on sale at 1,599 euros instead of 1,799 euros. The 2000 version is offered at 2,099 euros instead of 2,299 euros. You can also find kits with 220W solar panels at a reduction of 250 euros.

To discover all the EcoFlow promotions, it’s here:

Source: Presse-Citron

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