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A repair bonus is coming for your tech products (it will cause problems)

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This is good news, at least at first glance. As part of the Agec law (anti-waste) dating from 2020, the state will soon offer a bonus of up to several tens of euros to all those who wish to have connected – or non-defective – equipment repaired. With the serious advantage of already covering a whole list of common products, some of which you probably have at home or in your hands now.

The new text concerns for example laptops and smartphones. But household appliances are also included, with vacuum cleaners, stoves, dishwashers and even refrigerators. In total, no less than thirty-one different types of items are eligible, without distinction of brand or age, it seems. The price does not depend either on that of the new product, specifies the circular, relayed by our colleagues from France info. In contrast, if a warranty still covers the device, then the offer no longer stands.

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As a reminder, in France, the minimum mandatory protection against manufacturing defects is two years.

What discounts are offered?

For now, the precise list of benefits for consumers is not known. But in a press release, Ecosystem explains for example thata toaster will take you 10 euros off on the repair bill, compared to -45 euros for a laptop. The idea here would be to represent approximately one-fifth of the original cost of the service.

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Close to five hundred specialized shops in the repair will be able to offer this reduction, which will be immediate. It is then up to the partner to be reimbursed by the organization in charge of the program: you have nothing to do as the end customer. To find out if a professional is listed near you, simply consult the information available on this site.

A not-so-attractive stake, after all

In fact, when we look more closely at the conditions of this initiative, we note with surprise that it is financed by manufacturers themselves. In what form, it is not specified, but it is assumed that the amount is amortized at the level of the various mirobolant charges which are incumbent on French companies.

It is therefore a safe bet that to compensate, your favorite brands raise prices of their connected objects. When you know that the iPad has already gone from 389 euros (ninth generation) to 589 euros with the latest version arriving in October, the pill may be hard to swallow…

Source: Presse-Citron

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