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This is how Google employees are analyzed (to be fired)

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It is a new practice which makes us fear the worst. The website The Information reports that Google management asked managers to identify 6% of employees, or nearly 10,000 people, as “low performers.” This method is enough to make employees very nervous, and raises fears of a massive layoff plan within the Tech giant.

Google bosses “oppose us in a Hunger Games”

Especially since, in a hurry to speak on the subject, the management has absolutely not excluded this possibility, leaving free rein to speculation. If the tension is rising internally, it is mainly because the results are not as good as in the past. During the last quarter, Google announced an increase in its turnover of 6%, the second lowest growth rate in its history.

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But proceeding with a massive layoff plan at Google would be a historic first. The tech giant has rather distinguished itself as a stable pole of attraction for all employees in the sector in the past. Except that the leaders could precisely want to break this image to install a climate of fear internally. This is in any case the point of view defended by a former executive of the company, quoted by our colleagues from Business Insider.

For its part, the Alphabet Workers Union, which represents a thousand employees, also reacted through Jenny Rosewood, one of its members:

Today, our billionaire bosses are pitting us against each other in a Hunger Games-like competition for our jobs, making us work to exhaustion for fear of layoff, and could arbitrarily lay off thousands of our colleagues and comrades. .

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On the management side, we prefer to calm the game. Changes to the performance evaluation system would simply be a means of improving employee production. An argument that does not convince employees who are always preparing for the worst.

Layoffs are on the rise in the world of Tech

If Google decided to proceed with a layoff plan, it would join other Tech giants who have already taken the plunge. This is particularly the case for Twitter and Meta, while Amazon is preparing to take action.

Overall, the numbers are starting to look impressive, and according to data from the firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, reported by our colleagues, the total number of job cuts amounts to 31,200 within the sector, just for the month of November in the United States.

Source: Presse-Citron

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