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This eco-friendly 3D printed house was built in 24 hours

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It is a world first. Last week, researchers at the University of Maine unveiled their BioHome3D concept, the first 3D-printed home made from biological materials.

An ecological response to the housing crisis

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This 55 square meter prototype incorporates floors, walls and a roof made of wood fibers and bio-resins. Fully recyclable and very well insulated, this house was produced in just 24 hours. Most of the construction waste was eliminated during the printing process, say the scientists.

This feat comes at just the right time to solve the shortage of affordable housing in the United States. An estimated 7 million are currently missing on site, and as labor shortages slow construction, the Maine researchers’ prototype will come under scrutiny from policy makers.

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Moreover, it turns out that this printing using an abundant, renewable and locally sourced wood fiber raw material, greatly reduces the dependence on the supply chain. Enough to revitalize the particularly flourishing local forestry industry, and the cost of construction.

Habib Dagher, one of the project managers, also explains: “ Many technologies are developed to 3D print homes, but unlike BioHome3D, most are printed using concrete. With us, only concrete walls are printed on top of a conventionally poured concrete foundation. Traditional timber framing or timber trusses are used to complete the roof.”

The University also specifies that these houses can be personalized in order to correspond to the tastes of the future occupants, with regard to aesthetics, spatial planning, and energy efficiency. And the establishment to add: “It is important to note that as manufacturing technology and material production are scaled up, homebuyers can expect faster delivery times. »

3D printed houses also exist in France

Note that the University of Maine is not at its first attempt, since in 2019, its teams produced the largest 3D printed boat in the world.

In France too, the subject of printing buildings in 3D is of interest. To cite just one example, in 2018 we told you about this building where a French family settled in Nantes. Printed in just 54 hours, it then took 4 months for the various trades to develop it.

Source: Presse-Citron

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