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This innovative smartwatch hides a pair of True Wireless headphones

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Smartwatches or connected watches remain a divisive accessory for many users. On the one hand there are those who only see them as a gadget, a simple remote screen coupled with a notification buzzer. While others have fully integrated these watches into their daily lives.

The fact remains that Apple continues to largely dominate the market with its Apple Watch, and that the usefulness beyond notifications of this type of device is above all for the moment limited to fitness functions for sports monitoring, and health functionalities. For the most part, the competition, especially at Samsung, seems to follow Apple in its strategy.

What if your next smartwatch hid wireless headphones?

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But there is still a firm, which we had too quickly forgotten, to still offer refreshing concepts around smartwatches. We are of course talking about Huawei, the firm that was until not so long ago the leader in the smartphone market – but which has since had to deal with a particularly heavy package of technological sanctions.

Thus Huawei continues to produce among the best smartphones on the market for photo sensors. But the firm sells them less easily – for lack of being able to offer Android and the Google Play Store. But also the latest generation 5G chipsets, which are based on many American patents in the scope of the sanctions.

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But Huawei is not dead, and continues to remain among the most innovative manufacturers of the moment. The proof with the Huawei Watch Buds, the first connected watch that can be used as a box for True Wireless headphones. The firm is currently testing units of the watch in China and the QSQ Technology chain reveals a quick start.

The watch is functional, but the screen lifts to reveal the case of the headphones (which are particularly compact). Contacts inside the case suggest that the watch can charge the earbuds like a regular charging case. For the rest, the watch seems to adopt the same lines and characteristics as the Watch 3 Pro.

Unfortunately, it runs on HarmonyOS, the company’s alternative operating system. Which means you’ll be able to use few of the apps you’re used to with wearOS watches and the Android operating system. We also note that this is a prototype and that no marketing date is currently available.

However, trying new ideas to combine the functionalities of the watch with those of another product such as headphones is an interesting concept – which we hope to see taken over by competing brands, in a watch under wearOS.

Source: Presse-Citron

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