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The new Monsieur Cuisine Lidl robot is on sale (with change)

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It’s a special gift idea, but a gift idea nonetheless! And for many French people, it is even an emergency. Since Monday, December 5, all Lidl in France have added a new Monsieur Cuisine Smart mixer to their shelves, as is the tradition of the brand before the end of the year celebrations. For 2022, it comes with several new features compared to the previous version.

The Mr. Kitchen Lidl robot had quickly become a victim of its success in the past as the Lidl brand Silvercrest had equipped it with everything necessary to make delicious recipes without the need for another tool. Mixer, cooker, spatula, beater… Monsieur Cuisine can do it all at a lower price. A steam cooking mode is even available.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart slashes its prices

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4 times cheaper than its competitor the Thermomix, as our colleagues from Geek Diary, Lidl’s new blender has therefore been back since Monday, and the good news concerns first of all its price. It only costs 429 euros thanks to a rather exceptional reduction offered by Lidl. But its price falls even lower thanks to the free Lidl+ advantage card, which allows you to buy Monsieur Cuisine Lidl for only 359 euros.

The immediate reduction of 70 euros will wreak havoc on the more than 1,500 Lidl stores in France this week at a time when the end-of-year celebrations are marked by galloping inflation.

3 things to know about Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Smart

1/ It is Google Assistant compatible

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Yes, it’s not a joke, Lidl’s new cooking robot is compatible with the Google Assistant. A way to be able to control it by voice and remotely.

2/ It allows you to plan meal recipes

Intelligent, the Monsieur Cuisine is very practical so that you can never be short of meal ideas and always have the right products according to the recipes. Indeed, the food processor can create shopping lists and plan meals.

3/ Much better than the 2019 model

Silvercrest had a lawsuit against Thermomix in 2019 for its first kitchen robot, as the competition was strong and the much cheaper product competed with the benchmark in the sector. Today, to get out of that, Lidl has launched the Monsieur Cuisine Smart and this adds a bigger screen, an overall more compact size and stronger capabilities (faster, more powerful).

Source: Presse-Citron

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