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    Microsoft is already preparing a light version of Windows 11

    If today, Google’s Chrome OS operating system has an important place in the computer market, it is in part thanks to schools in the United States. Indeed, computers using this operating system, called Chromebooks, are very popular with schools.

    You should know that thanks to their simplicity and affordable prices, Chromebooks are ideal for this segment. And Chrome OS’s market share in education is coveted by Apple (along with the iPad) as well as Microsoft.

    The Redmond company has already tried, on several occasions, to popularize light versions of Windows in order to make them competitors of Chrome OS. But so far all these attempts have been unsuccessful.

    Nevertheless, Microsoft has not yet given up on its ambitions. And while it has just launched Windows 11, rumors are already circulating about a light version of this OS which would be called Windows 11 SE. In essence, Windows 11 SE (SE could short for School Edition) would be designed for affordable machines targeting schools.

    In any case, this is what is indicated by an article recently published by the Windows Central news site. And that’s not all.

    A new Surface device to compete with Chromebooks?

    Microsoft is also reportedly developing a new Surface laptop that will run Windows 11 SE and position itself as a competitor to affordable Chromebooks.

    According to Windows Central sources, this new machine, which would be nicknamed “Tenjin” would have a plastic chassis, an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, an Intel Celeron N4120 processor, and up to 8 GB. RAM memory.

    Everything would have been imagined so that this device costs as little as possible, in order to suit the needs of the education market. And in order for Tenjin to be competitive with Chromebooks, Microsoft would make this machine cost less than $ 400 in the United States.

    But of course, for the moment, this information should still be considered with caution. Still, the fact that Microsoft is preparing a lean version of its new OS shouldn’t come as a surprise. Windows 11 SE could be seen as the successor to previous light versions of Windows, like Windows 10 S or Windows RT.


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