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    The first photo of the Earth from space was taken by a Nazi rocket: how it was

    More than ten years before the launch of the first artificial satellite, scientists were able to take the first photo of the Earth from space! To do this, they used a Nazi V-2 ballistic missile.

    The first photo of the Earth from space / Photo: Wikipedia, NASA

    It happened on October 24, 1946. Scientists from the White Sands Rocket Range in New Mexico attached a camera to the rocket’s body and sent it into space.

    : Earth from a height of 590 kilometers! Astronauts showed incredible video from space

    The rocket rose to an altitude of 104 km, just above the Karman line, which is considered the boundary of space. At this time, a 35mm movie camera took frames every one and a half seconds.

    Photo: NASA

    Then a rocket with a camera crashed to the ground at a speed of over 547 km / h… However, the camera itself was not damaged, as it was hidden in a special protective steel cassette. Despite the fall, only one lens was missing from the camera.

    Фото: Getty Images

    When scientists finally saw a new image projected on the screen, they just went crazy, writes popularmechanics.com.

    “For 1946, this was an astounding achievement.”– said Michael Neufeld, senior curator of the space history department of the National Museum of Aviation and Astronautics.

    Prior to this, the photo from the highest point was taken from the Explorer II stratospheric balloon in 1935. at an altitude of 22 km, which made it possible to discern the curvature of the Earth.



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