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    Mercedes’ delivery van that cleans the air

    It is well known that cars are one of the causes of air pollution, especially in cities. This is why many manufacturers are now turning to electrification to reduce the rate of carbon released into the atmosphere. For Mercedes, ecological sustainability goes beyond the use of electric cars. The company offers a vehicle that not only does not reject carbon, but also purifies the ambient air.

    The vehicle in question is a delivery van called Sustaineer. The van is electric, but it also has particle filters that clean the air around the vehicle, regardless of its speed. Even the brake discs are made with a special material that reduces the level of dust in the air and limits brake wear.

    Mercedes-Benz credits

    Electric cars generally need to be plugged into charging stations when the battery is dead. For the Sustaineer, we can charge less, because the vehicle is equipped with solar panels on its roof, which allows to gain a little more autonomy. This little extra will also allow you to power devices like laptops or other tools.

    An ultra-ecological van

    From an ecological point of view, the Sustaineer van has been designed to protect the environment as much as possible. Among the technologies found in the vehicle, there is for example an economical heating system that works close to the body.

    The materials used in the construction of the van are all also environmentally friendly. Either they come from natural sources or they are recycled. For example, the putty used comes from recycled household waste, and the cabin partition is made of natural straw.

    Apart from that, the Sustaineer also avoids noise pollution thanks to its quiet electric motor, low rolling resistance tires, and a quiet automatic delivery door.

    Guaranteed security

    Mercedes did not only think about environmental protection when developing the Sustaineer. Safety was also considered. Thus, the van has a camera which monitors road conditions. This information will later be transmitted to cities to inform about possible holes or sources of danger.

    The vehicle is also equipped with digital mirrors which offer a clearer view than what we have with the usual vans. Also, in the cab, a “biologically active” light similar to daylight maintains a level of vigilance in the driver.

    Mercedes has not yet mentioned a plan for mass production of the electric van. However, the company pointed out that all of the technology in the pickup truck was developed with large-scale production in mind. Let’s wait and see if the Sustaineer can one day be accessible to the general public.



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