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Android sees the arrival of Shadow, the French nugget of the founder of OVH

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Although Google has shut down its Stadia cloud gaming service, there are still plenty of alternatives. And in addition to major players such as Microsoft (Xcloud), Sony (PlayStation Plus) or Nvidia (GeForce Now), there is also the service of the French nugget Shadow. The company is a specialist in cloud computing, and allows the use of high-performance PCs in streaming, in return for a subscription. The service therefore provides access to a high-performance machine remotely (in streaming) to work, but also to play.

This cloud computing service is accessible on computer (for example, if you have a less efficient system than the one offered in the cloud), on mobile, and even on Smart TVs or virtual reality headsets. And thanks to the acquisition of Genymobile, a specialist in the Android platform, Shadow will be able to extend its offer.

The French nugget of cloud computing is expanding

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The acquisition of Genymobile, whose headquarters are in Paris and San Francisco, was formalized by Shadow a few days ago. The company is presented as a pioneer and expert in Android streaming. Its flagship product is Genymotion, a cloud computing platform that provides access to Android on a computer. This tool is currently used by developers to test their applications. Its offer also includes an emulator that can simulate 3,000 configurations of different Android devices to test apps.

“Genymobile’s unique know-how on the Android platform and its deep expertise on virtualization will enable SHADOW to accelerate its roadmap and increase its industrial competitiveness in order to become the first cloud-based collaborative platform for enterprises. , gamers and creatives”says Shadow’s statement.

Two complementary offers

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To be precise, the current offer of Shadow already allows access to a high-performance PC in mobile streaming, including Android smartphones. But by integrating Genymobile’s technologies, Shadow could, for example, offer a service that allows access to a virtual Android smartphone on a PC, to test apps, but also to play video games. In essence, the two services complement each other.

“Genymobile and SHADOW have complementary expertise which led the two companies to work together, and this alliance seemed natural. We are very excited to join SHADOW in its mission to democratize cloud technology, leveraging our unique Android know-how”said Arnaud Dupuis, who will take the post of CEO of Genymobile from March, on this subject.

Eric Sèle, CEO of Shadow, will also be the president of Genymobile. And as a reminder, the president of Shadow, the parent company is Octave Klaba, who is also co-founder and president of OVH. While Shadow was struggling (and in receivership), in 2021 Klaba bought the company. At the time, he spoke of his ambition to make it the best cloud gaming service in the world.

Source: Presse-Citron

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