From today ANSA Science and technology online also in English

From today, the Science and Technology channel of the ANSA agency is also out in English, with a page dedicated to the main news. Visible on the home page of the channel dedicated to scientific information, the page in English is an international showcase for Italian research.

The editorial choice is to give visibility to the scientific activity of our country, from quantum technologies to biology and space, to its research institutes and its most innovative companies, in a moment of important changes linked to unprecedented resources available to the science, thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr).

The page in English is also an opportunity to talk about Italy’s commitment to major European programmes, such as the new Horizon Europe framework programme, the Galileo constellation for satellite navigation and the Copernicus constellation for Earth observation, up to major projects in which our country is preparing to play a leading role, such as the new telescope that will allow us to listen to gravitational waves in the entire universe, the Einstein Telescope

Source: Ansa

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