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(by Fabrizio Fois) (ANSA) – LULA, MARCH 20 – Italy not only has what it takes to compete with the Netherlands to host the Einstein Telescope, but it starts as the favorite in the race to build the infrastructure, capable to listen to the vibrations of the entire universe chasing gravitational waves. The identified site, the former mine of Sos Enattos in Lula, a triangle of tunnels in the Nuorese area, is in fact one of the quietest places to carry out scientific experiments, because little or no man-made and far from infrastructures that could disturb the work of the community of experts. Not so can be said of the competing site of Maastricht, which is crossed by a railway.

What could be the turning point for Italy’s choice came during a visit to Lula by University and Research Minister Anna Maria Bernini, accompanied by the president of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Antonio Zoccoli, who confirmed the words of the government official. “Not only are we not behind but we are favored, precisely because the infrastructure needs silence – explained Bernini – Those universities, railways, wind turbines and connections that are already physically present in Maastricht could represent a deterrent”. “Here we have this initial advantage and it is clear that around this we have to build an ecosystem that includes, among other things, a strong participation of the academic and research world”, added Zoccoli, recalling that in addition to the feasibility study, entrusted to the ‘National Institute of Nuclear Physics with 50 million from the Pnrr and basis for the candidacy dossier on the Palazzo Chigi table, the Terabit project is also at stake, the ultra-fast fiber connection “which will create a link in Sardinia with all the fundamental research institutions to transmit the data”.

Between now and 2025, the work to be done will be that – which has already been started with the committee chaired by Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Parisi – of bringing the European and international scientific community to the side of Sos Enattos, “to stabilize this candidacy” with a project that “can make the research go on for a thousand years”, assured Anna Maria Bernini.

The Sardinian Region also strongly believes in the Einstein Telescope, which will have a first meeting on the project with the government this week: “We are waiting for the procedure to be defined at the community level – said the governor Christian Solinas – We have already achieved everything that it was essential, we are now thinking of adding with the Archimedes and Faber projects, which are already in place with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the National Institute of Volcanology, further scientific elements so that the site which naturally already has the best requisites is favorite for the final pick”. (HANDLE).

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