Why do some people consider themselves aliens and feel like strangers on Earth

The idea that planet Earth is inhabited by people who originate from other worlds and come here to help humanity may seem like pure madness, but it is not. In this case, people fall into the psychological traps of manipulators who make them believe that they are star people.

Ken Drinkwater, Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Cognitive and Parapsychology at Manchester City University, Andrew Devanan, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Huddersfield, and Neil Dagnall, Lecturer in Applied Cognitive Psychology at Manchester City University, in an article for The Conversation

Who are the star people

The idea of ​​star people (or star seeds) living on our planet is attributed to Brad Steiger, who, in the book “Gods of Aquarius”, published in 1976, presented his idea that some people come from other dimensions.

Starseeds are a form of New Age belief that developed in the 1970s. Alternative beliefs of those years considered existence from the point of view of the universe and focused on spirituality, as well as on one’s own self. Other features include reincarnation, karma, and the possibility of reaching a higher level of consciousness.

Star people believe that they are aliens who arrived on Earth from other dimensions. Their goal seems to be to heal the planet and bring humanity to a “golden age” – a period of great happiness, prosperity and achievement.

Some will twirl their fingers at hearing about this, but in fact, millions of these videos are circulating on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Just search on the hashtag #starseed and see for yourself.

Unlike earthly people, those who consider themselves starseeds believe that they are conduits between the divine worlds and the Earth, and that they can travel between galaxies through meditation.

The Star People also claim to be able to communicate in a “language of light”, which is the language of the soul and dominates any communication abilities of ordinary people.

How to understand that you are a star person

Believers claim that there are several ways to do this. Among the signs of such people is the constant search for the meaning of life and the lack of belonging to humanity. Such people tend to spirituality, have a strong sense of intuition.

They also have a well-developed empathic connection. They are very sensitive and have physical and mental health problems as their souls are not accustomed to the human body.

Since trying to help people drains them, they need to recharge and like to spend time alone.

Star people always strive to explore and learn new cultures and areas in order to give ordinary people new knowledge about existence. Such “help” includes conspiracy theories about the origins of society, holistic medical interventions, and theories about ancient aliens and civilization.

A trap for everyone

It is the description of star people, as psychologists note, that is a trap that anyone can fall into, since they describe the feelings and experiences that most people experienced at one time or another. After all, who among us does not look for the meaning of life and sometimes does not feel like a stranger among people.

Psychologists explain that these feelings are often associated with depression.

But for the fact that ordinary people suddenly begin to realize themselves as aliens (although no one has ever seen aliens), the Faure effect is responsible – a phenomenon that is named after Bertram Faure. This is the psychologist who first discovered that people can be easily forced to agree with vague descriptions about themselves. It is this effect that explains people’s belief in horoscopes.

Belief in star people is also explained by the growing distrust of science and doubts in the traditional perception of reality.

Belief in their extraterrestrial origin is also prone to people who are often immersed in fantasies and can confuse imaginary and real events. Such confusion in reality eventually leads to the fact that they begin to believe that they have alien consciousness.

Psychologists call this phenomenon source monitoring error. This is an unconscious mistake when a person is confused between what is real and reliable, and what is unreal and invented.

This condition is often a sign of schizophrenia. Earlier research has found a link between schizotypal personality disorder, which is considered a mild form of schizophrenia, and belief in various conspiracy theories.

The Einstein effect also affects the belief in one’s own extraterrestrial origin, when a person trusts the source of information not because it is competent, but because the source is popular on social networks.

In the case of the Star People, the spread of the theory was also influenced by several books published by major publishers, which gave the concept a sense of validity.

Earlier, GLOBAL HAPPENINGS also talked about the theory of scientists, according to which alien life will be so different from ours that it may not even understand that people are living beings.

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