Ukraine: These 3 technologies changed the course of the war

Since February 2022 and Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, fighting has raged between these two states. This was clearly not the original plan, as Vladimir Putin was instead expecting a blitzkrieg and taking kyiv within days. Many factors have jammed the machine, but in this article we will come back to three major technologies that have modified the fights and the plans of these two nations.

The cloud

This is probably the item you least expected in this list. And yet, the cloud played a major role during the first weeks of the war.

As explained by the French geopolitical scientist, Dominique Moïsi, in a note published for the Institut Montaigne, Ukraine has bet heavily on digital technology by deciding to transfer all of its critical data to the Cloud.

Clearly, and even if the Russian missiles had destroyed the places of power, the country could still continue to function because all the information had been put in a safe place. This also made it possible to make itself less vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks which have not failed to occur.


Drones play a special role in this war. From the first days, the Ukrainians used in particular cheap aircraft which they transformed and used as weapons of destruction and observation, specifies the expert.

But Russia has not remained inert in this area. She bought kamikaze drones en masse in Iran, the Shahed 136, which she sent to sow terror in Ukrainian cities. These devices have the advantage of being much cheaper to operate than state-of-the-art missiles.

Finally, it should be noted that Ukraine has recently used drones to target targets on Russian territory.

Social networks

Modern warfare is increasingly about communication. In the era of social networks, the major platforms are necessarily major issues. Ukraine is deploying considerable resources to assert its positions and win hearts, particularly in the West. “Vladimir Putin is very afraid of humor because it is an effective and accessible tool for spreading the truth,” Volodymyr Zelensky has declared in the past.

On the Russian side, we have significant know-how in the field of propaganda on social networks. This is notably the case of the Internet Research Agency, the troll farm of Evgueni Prigojine, the founder of the paramilitary group Wagner. The latter is still trying to steer European and American public opinion in favor of Russia, but for the time being, it is failing in its mission, according to the latest polls.

Source: Presse-Citron

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