A metaverse soon in place thanks to the Meta groups?

Meta (formerly Facebook) double the number of his groups to make them the constituent units of metaverse, these virtual universes. Yet Mark Zuckerberg’s company faces criticism over its security. Concretely, the social network insists on testing functionalities inherent in groups, which remain spaces for discussion for different communities.

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As if the worldwide outages of Facebook applications weren’t enough, a former employee, Frances Haugen, has taken up. Indeed, it disclosed tens of thousands of company documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Wall Street Journal.

Meta (Facebook): the social network criticized from everywhere

Meta claims she has more than 40,000 people working on the safety and security of its users. These are the people who led to the deletion of groups with movements deemed harmful, such as « Stop the Steal » and QAnon.

Universe immersive what Meta offers for the future will mainly be used to work, play and meet friends and family. Once this objective is realized, reef enthusiasts (one example among many) will take a new step. On the one hand, they will still be able to share photo and video content. But soon, they will also be able to use virtual scuba gear to explore an ocean.

As all this is still only a project, Zuckerberg’s company will have time to readjust the situation. Among its priorities, there will be the moderation of this more content immersive.

Mind-blowing features coming to Meta bands soon?

Since it takes several worlds to make a universe, it will then be necessary various communities diversified to constitute a metaverse.

November 4, 2021, Facebook stated that they are testing a feature to create subgroups. But the business does not stop there. Tools would be put in place to allow members to earn money. Thus, members could be required to pay money to the social network for access to exclusive content. The directors of group, as for them, will be able to personalize the colors, the fonts, the emojis and the background of the publications.

The announcement of a metaverse on Meta remains key subject social network for several weeks. However, the technical complexity remains the main obstacle to the realization of such a project. Until new announcements, it will take patience. Indeed, the regulators will still have their say.


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