Earth received the first ever signal from Mars: but this is not quite what everyone was hoping for

Scientists from the SETI research project, engaged in the search for alien life, launched the Sign in Space pilot project, in which observatories on Earth received an “alien message” from Mars. To decipher the message, scientists urge to join those who wish.

The purpose of this experiment is to make sure that humanity at the most crucial moment in its history is not unprepared to communicate with life forms from outer space. Decrypting the file, however, will require certain knowledge from the participants in the experiment.

Despite the fact that the signal is conditionally “alien”, it was indeed sent to Earth from space using the European Space Agency’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, which is located near the red planet.

The message was sent at 19:00 on May 24 and after 16 minutes it reached the Earth, where it was received by the Allen telescope of the SETI Institute, the Robert Byrd telescope of the Green Bank Observatory and the observatory of the Radio Astronomy Station of Medicine.

The message was written by a team of artists and scientists who are now waiting for craftsmen who can decipher it, as this is a complex message as such that in the future humanity may actually receive.

The files received from Mars are uploaded to a special Filecoin server, allowing anyone in any part of the world to download them.

However, don’t expect to get a pretty picture that you can easily open on your phone.

The team that created this signal emphasizes that they have created something that will not be easy to decipher, and it will require people from different backgrounds to come together to figure out what this signal is about.

Scientists suggest that candidates for decrypting a file must have certain skills in working with a computer, GitHub and encoding.

The initiators of the experiment believe that the discovery of an alien message would be revolutionary for humanity, and research suggests that full disclosure is the best policy in a post-first contact scenario.

You can download messages from “martians” at this link, and you can find out about the work on its decryption on the Discord server.

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