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After Facebook, Microsoft and Nike also raced to the metaverse

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The metaverse is no longer a matter of science fiction, but it is considered the future of the Internet, a sector that could potentially become an investment opportunity in the coming years. So much so that after Facebook the race of several companies such as Microsoft but also, unexpectedly, of Nike started. And China does not stand by. Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that the metaverse market could reach $ 800 billion by 2024.

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On October 28th Facebook announced a major ‘rebranding’ operation, with a new name, Meta. The goal is to be seen as a metaverse company, no longer just as a social network and a set of apps. According to Mark Zuckerberg, this new concept supported by virtual reality will allow us to “teleport to work, to a concert or to a family reunion in the form of a hologram” saving time, traffic and not affecting the environment. And he predicted that the metaverse will reach a billion people over the next decade. Meta – according to the New York Times – is also thinking of opening physical stores, places where users will be able to experience the devices developed by its Reality Labs division.

Even Microsoft, in an event aimed at companies, announced its plans for this technology with personalized and immersive spaces to meet at work. “The metaverse is here and it is not only transforming the way we see the world, but also the way we participate in it, from the factory to the boardroom,” said CEO Satya Nadella. Among the other companies that focus on this area is Nvidia, the American semiconductor giant, but also the Roblox gaming platform. And China is certainly not watching with ByteDance, Alibaba and Tencent. The latter, in particular, has registered almost one hundred brands related to the metaverse and is allegedly setting up a new international team.

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In a future virtual world, the theme of the sale of virtual goods will also become central, which has already exploded for many years in the gaming sector and has recently returned to current affairs with Nft, digital certificates that in recent months have experienced a real boom in many sectors. For this, even non-tech companies could invest in the metaverse. This is the case with Nike: it has registered some of its brands for use in virtual contexts, which suggests that it is preparing for a massive presence in this particular area. Another element that could become primary in this future virtual world are cryptocurrencies, a possible means of payment in this futuristic vision of the Internet.

The ecosystem that is supposed to transform our lives could also become a multi-billion dollar marketplace and generate millions of jobs for creators. Facebook, for example, has already announced that it will create 10,000 new jobs in the European Union over the next five years. While Bloomberg Intelligence expects the market opportunity for the metaverse to reach $ 800 billion by 2024. One skeptical rumor about the metaverse is that of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. “Who will decide the rules? The world will become more digital than physical. And that’s not necessarily the best thing for human society,” he told The New York Times.


Source From: Ansa

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