Le free-to-play The Tomorrow Children va faire son retour

The Soviet dream is not dead: in an unexpected statement, the Japanese studio Q-Games announced the coming return of its game The Tomorrow Children. This former exclusivity free-to-play PlayStation 4 has not been playable at the moment since its discontinuation in 2017, and its developer’s promise should delight those who have spent many hours rebuilding the world after.


Comrades from all countries …

The Q-Games team confirmed the news on its official website. After retrieving the rights to the game from Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Tomorrow Children will be able to sign his comeback almost 5 years after the end of his service. Launched in October 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4, this free-to-play Online multiplayer only remained open for a short year before closing its doors for good in November 2017. However, no platform has been announced for the return of the title. Former addicts – or the most curious – can however subscribe to the studio’s newsletter to stay informed of the various updates of the project.

Real video game UFO, The Tomorrow Children offered an extraordinary multiplayer experience focused on co-op. In a post-post-apocalyptic world where an experience of the Soviet empire brought about the disappearance of all humanity – and of the material world as we know it -, armies of “projection clones” created by engineers have the task of rebuilding some semblance of society.

By terraforming the surrounding “Void”, players must construct buildings, electricity towers, gardens and other infrastructure to bring the city back to life. However, we will have to deal with the perpetual threat of the Izverg, giants of negativity coming to wreak havoc on the playing field from time to time.

Described as a “neo-soviet alternative future“, The Tomorrow Children had a unique artistic direction and a game engine whose management of light and reflections, ahead of its time, had the ambition to compete with Pixar productions.


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