Russia threatens the ISS with missile tests for many years – NASA

Debris from the rocket, which the Russians were testing in low-earth orbit, forced the ISS crew to temporarily evacuate to the shelter. And these debris will remain in space

Newly formed debris will threaten space researchers for years / Фото: Pixabay

NASA claims that tests of an anti-satellite missile from the Russian Federation have jeopardized the International Space Station. Earlier it became known that due to the actions of Moscow, the ISS crew is preparing for evacuation.

As a result of tests of the rocket in low Earth orbit, a field of debris was formed, which will pose a danger to space activities for many years to come, Reuters reports.

The space station’s seven-member crew – four American astronauts, a German astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts – had to be evacuated.

: Russia has tested space weapons, because of which the ISS crew was preparing to evacuate

They were forced to hide in their docked spacecraft capsules for two hours after the test.

The research laboratory at an altitude of about 402 km above the Earth continued to pass through or near the debris accumulation every 90 minutes, but later the crew was able to return to the ISS.

At the same time, the hatches of several modules had to be closed for safety reasons.

“NASA will continue to monitor the debris in the coming days and beyond to ensure the safety of our team in orbit,” NASA chief Bill Nelson said in a statement.

The Russian military did not comment on the situation. Roskosmos on Twitter has assured that the station is in the “green zone”, and the orbit of the object, whose fragments led to the temporary evacuation of the crew, has already shifted.

Reuters believes that Moscow is “playing down the danger” of its actions. Roscosmos later assured that it always prioritizes safety.

The missile, fired by Moscow on one of its own satellites, has generated more than 1,500 pieces of “tracked orbital debris,” the US Space Command said in a statement.

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Over time, they are likely to generate hundreds of thousands of smaller fragments.

“Russia has demonstrated a conscious disregard for security, protection, stability and long-term sustainability of the space domain for all countries,” said US Army General James Dickinson, Commander of the Space Command.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken condemned the missile tests as “reckless and irresponsible”.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the tests showed the need to firmly establish norms of behavior in space.


Source From: Segodnya

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