Like The Matrix: Meta Shows The Tactile Glove For Virtual Reality

The development of Facebook’s own metaverse is in full swing. The company presented one of the projects for greater immersion in virtual reality

This is how Meta’s tactile glove will work.

This project is a tactile glove. Thanks to it, the user will be able to feel any object in the virtual world in his hand.

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In the future, the glove should be comfortable and customizable with the ability to reproduce a wide range of sensations in the virtual world. Gloves will be able to reproduce sensations including texture, pressure and vibration.

The research group is now at an early stage of development, its goal is to pair the gloves with a VR headset to provide an immersive experience. Gloves will also interact with AR goggles.

Over the past seven years, the team has focused on advancing human-computer interaction across many disciplines: Perceptual Science, Soft Robotics, Microfluidics, Hand Tracking and Tactile Rendering.

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