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    Metaverse, from Facebook the glove to “touch” objects

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    (ANSA) – MILAN, NOV 19 – Meta Reality Labs, formerly known as Facebook Reality Labs, have unveiled a glove that will allow you to touch objects in the metaverse. Zuckerberg, on the occasion of the announcement of the birth of Meta, the company that incorporates the activities of Facebook and other related companies, had shared his vision of a virtual and augmented reality platform, where people can meet to work, study and to have fun. The glove, currently in an experimental and development phase, will act as a fundamental accessory to bring digital experiences closer to those of real life. Designed to be combined with VR viewers, such as the Oculus Quest 2, the glove is equipped with dozens of sensors, which Labs define as “actuators”, useful for sensing the presence of objects in 3D environments and distinguishing between different weights and textures. All through an internal motor in the center of the hand that inflates the actuators through a simple flow of air. In this way, bumps are created between the fingers which return the sensation of grip of various elements. Touching a pen, for example, will inflate only the sensors on the extremities of the thumb and forefinger while, in the case of a balloon, both gloves and many more actuators will be involved. Reality Labs have also added specific sounds, which give the illusion of physical touch. As the researchers explain, there is no official release date on the market and it will likely take years before the final device is ready and wearable for common use. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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