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Joker malware is back with more than 14 Android apps already infected

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First discovered in 2017, the malware known as Joker plagued again. Once fought by Google, here it is resurfacing. Its main purpose is to operate secret flights among users who have it. Tatyana Shishkova, analyst at cybersecurity company Kaspersky, found that the malware has just infected at least 14 applications Android.

Representation of crane on encrypted data

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The expert then launched an alert on Twitter concerning the reappearance of the software. According to her, Joker particularly targets applications de Google Play Store. So when the users download the infected applications, the malware gains access to the data.

In the past, the malware has met with backlash from Google, which has implemented policies to protect its users. However, it could be that Joker is now getting to bypass these new security systems.

Sneaky and super dangerous malware!

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With the aim of scamming its victims, the malware works by making its way to most famous apps from Google Play Store. Rather ingenious, because every day many applications are downloaded by Android users. Some applications, very popular with more than 50,000 downloads, would now be infected.

Once Joker sneaks into the user’s phone, steals money by subscribing it in the background to online services. It is able to automatically click on online advertisements. It is also able to access the OTP (One-Time Password) of SMS to discreetly approve payments.

The user has no way of realizing that he is subscribed to online services until he has consulted his bank statements.

Probably infected applications identified

In order to prevent and limit the damage of malware, a list ofsuspicious apps was established by the analyst. It is :

  • Easy PDF Scanner,
  • Now QRCode Scan,
  • Smart TV Remote,
  • Super-Click VPN,
  • Halloween Coloring,
  • Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer,
  • Volume Boosting Hearing Aid,
  • Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effect,
  • Flashlight Flash Alert on Call,
  • Classic Emoji Keyboard,
  • Dazzling Keyboard,
  • Super Hero-Effect,
  • Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper,
  • EmojiOne Keyboard,
  • Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor.

If you have these apps in your smartphones, it is best to remove them as soon as possible.

Naturally, this flaw constitutes a bad publicity for promoters of these applications.


Source From: Fredzone

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