YouTube, contribution of 190 million euros to the Italian GDP

Squid Game arrives in Rome, more than a hundred at the first evening inspired by the TV series (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, NOV 23 – In 2020, the ecosystem that revolves around YouTube contributed 190 million euros to the Italian GDP. An income derived from various factors, including the direct earnings of content creators and the expense incurred by them to hire professionals, agencies and purchase new equipment. Just YouTube, last year, made it possible to create 15,000 new jobs in Italy, connected directly and not to the complex machine of the Mountain View giant. This was explained in a report by Oxford Economics, commissioned by the video platform, which highlights how “YouTube is a growth engine for the Italian digital industry”.

“Whether they are creative entrepreneurs, media companies or record labels, content creators benefit from revenues that are generated directly through the platform but also have wider effects,” YouTube points out in a note. “For the production of the videos, in fact, products and services are purchased from Italian companies and retailers and, in many cases, the creators hire qualified people, such as editing, production, sound and lighting technicians. a further impact on the economy “.

YouTube turned to Oxford Economics about a year ago to assess the platform’s economic, social and cultural impact in Italy. The anonymous survey involved 2,000 people living in our country, as well as 470 creators and businesses across the country. 75% of respondents said that YouTube had a positive impact on their professional goals while 76% agreed that being a youtuber gives them a sense of identification and belonging. The contribution to GDP, estimated on costs and revenues, is the result of analyzes on the Oxford Economics Global Impact Model, which in turn is based on OECD data. (HANDLE).


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