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    Waste plastic rocket motor successfully tested in Britain

    Engineers tested a hybrid rocket on recycled plastic fuel, tested at a military base of the UK Department of Defense

    Rocket engine on plastic has been tested

    After the planetary rings of debris were predicted to the Earth, the British company Pulsar Fusion tested a rocket engine, partially powered by plastic waste.

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    Engineers successfully test their hybrid rocket at the military base of the Ministry of Defense Great Britain.

    Hybrid Pulsar Fusion rocket engine Is not only a step towards environmentally safe space travel, but also one of the stages in the development of nuclear fusion technology.

    Already in this decade, the company hopes to develop an ultra-high-speed engine that will halve the flight time to Mars.

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    Recycled plastic waste has already been added to hybrid rocket fuel. Virgin Galactic in 2014 tested fuel made of thermosetting plastics, but the experiment was unsuccessful.

    At the same time, the Scottish company Skyrora successfully tested Ecosene fuel from recycled plastic waste.

    Pulsar Fusion, in turn, relies on hybrid fuel from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and an oxidizing agent, nitrous oxide.

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    HDPE is used in the manufacture bottles, pipes, cutting boards and other plastic products, so it will be easy to get it for recycling.

    Concerning high-speed thermonuclear engine, The Pulsar Fusion promises to conduct static fire tests in 2025 and then test it in orbit in 2027.

    We will remind, earlier NASA launched a spacecraft straight into an asteroid. So the agency hopes to learn how to shoot down dangerous meteorites to prevent a possible apocalypse.


    Source From: Segodnya


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