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    This child was saved thanks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence

    In hospitals, many patients have to undergo surgical intervention to hope for a cure. However, opting for surgery can be a particularly difficult choice, especially when an life is at stake. To inform the decision of the patient’s relatives, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children offers new technology. It operates a artificial intelligence and the virtual reality to allow parents to visualize in advance the result of an operation on their child.

    Amanda holds her child in her arms

    Amanda and Judd Michnowiec is the first couple to have tested this technology. In fact, their six-month-old, Archie, had sagittal synostosis. This is an abnormality that causes premature fusion of the interparietal suture. Parents therefore had to choose between risks of an operation and the negative effects that can cause the disease.

    Well that the disease does not take life of their child in danger, it can prevent it from developing fully. In order to minimize the risks, the couple and the surgical team resorted to the help of a Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Virtual reality to raise awareness among loved ones

    Based on CT images of Archie’s head, theartificial intelligence managed to predict effects of surgery. To make this possible, AI has been powered by data from 60 transactions carried out during the last seven years.

    Then, thanks to a virtual reality headset, parents were able to see the reconstruction of their child’s head from all angles. The immersive experience allowed them to preview Archie’s head after the reshaping procedure. In addition, they were able to achieve a comparison before and after the intervention.

    Two weeks after the operation, the mother spoke:

    “Having the opportunity to do VR really reassured us that we were doing the right thing. Being able to see “the before and after” relieved the pressure. It was a less weight on our shoulders – but we are happy. “
    Amanda Michnowiec

    Informed consent of relatives

    In addition, the new technology also encourages parents to express their opinion to the surgeon on potential modifications. Besides, it allows them to take a wiser decision.

    the Dr Noor Ul Owase Jeelani is a consultant in pediatric neurosurgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. According to him, technology has enabled the couple to see more clearly on what to expect.

    “Now when they sign the consent form, that’s what I would call truly informed consent. “
    Dr Noor Ul Owase Jeelani


    Source From: Fredzone


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