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    Broadband pushes GDP to Africa, 1120 billion in 10 years

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    (ANSA) – ROME, NOV 25 – The spread of broadband in Africa has contributed to the growth of GDP in Africa by 1120 billion dollars in ten years, between 2009 and 2019. This is what emerges from the report ‘Digitization and development economic: the case of Africa, an empirical evaluation ‘, developed by the Tim Study Center with the patronage of Assafrica, in the presence of Elisabetta Romano, CEO of Sparkle, the global operator of the Tim Group.

    “We are in the era that is hungry for data”, says Romano, and “we Sparkles are the second international operator for Africa” ​​which is “the continent for which the increase in data is greater than that of the others. Africa is growing more? Because the next 1.3 billion internet users (eyeballs) will be in Africa “.

    Major contributions benefited South Africa ($ 462 billion), Egypt ($ 283 billion), Nigeria ($ 204 billion) and Algeria ($ 158 billion). However, broadband, the report reads, has also made a significant contribution to all other countries: Angola $ 41 billion, Kenya $ 27.6 billion, Morocco $ 88 billion, Libya 88 , 5 billion dollars and to Tunisia 48.8 billion US dollars. In areas connected to the broadband network via fiber, there is an average increase in employment: from 22,000 to 82,000 new people employed for every million inhabitants (2.2-8.2%). (HANDLE).


    Source From: Ansa


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