Headphones-translator from any language appeared

Innovative wireless devices work as a universal translator and do not require a roaming connection

New headphones can translate speech in real time / Фото: Pixabay

Pilot has created a tiny earpiece that translates the language you hear into the language you understand. We will remind, earlier AirPods 3 received protection from water.

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The new device can translate into any language, and you don’t even need to roaming connection in another country, writes Interesting Engineering.

The tiny device fits in the ear and works in in real time. It was created with the aim to overcome the language barrier around the world.

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According to experts, the new device can help both tourists and businessmen, politicians conducting international negotiations.

The earbuds work in conjunction with the app, and can work offline – that is why you should not worry about transferring data in another country.

Waverly Labs, the company behind the pilot, is taking orders from their website for new headphones.

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In addition, Apple plans to release its own 5G modems from 2023.


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