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    Ransomware threatens even the smallest businesses

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    The majority of people who have small businesses believe that they cannot be attacked by cyber crooks. However, no company is immune today from ransomware dealers who take pleasure in assaulting virtually. The hacker acts from a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) which can be an advertising offer, a pishing message, and hope that someone in the structure makes a security error by clicking on it.

    cyber crooks planning ransomware

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    In a report by Webroot, Several of the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have been shown to have reported attacks of scams aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Yet few of these companies take the threat of ransomware seriously.

    Ransomware, known in French as ransomware, is a malicious computer program that allows take possession of the data. It grabs the data present on a connected device and demands a ransom before giving the victim back access to their data.

    A danger for all businesses?

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    With the increase in the number of hackers using ransomware, all businesses are targeted. It wouldn’t be enough to be a big structure to be blackmailed. They have already managed to take money from some, and lead to the closure of several businesses who did not want to pay.

    It would be enough to imagine the daily turnover which is stopped over a long period to understand that this kind of attack could ruin a lifetime’s work.

    The level of security: a determining factor?

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    Most ransomware victims reportedly in an investigation by Cybereason claimed to have suffered such an attack because of their low level of IT security during the holidays. Otherwise, assaults are launched in times of relaxation, a time when the majority of IT professionals let their guard down.

    Another important factor that should not be overlooked is the trust that people wear for things and for others. Before launching anything, it would first be necessary to be certain of the interlocutor and of the proposals he makes.

    Solutions to protect yourself?

    To ensure the security of a company’s data, several precautions are to be taken into account as:

    • have an optimal operating system up to date;
    • avoid installing any software without knowing its real source and its usefulness;
    • ignore email links, instant messages or groupware unless you know where they come from;
    • purchase and install security programs that prevent this type of attack;
    • and think about making the multiple and regular backup of the data, recoverable on several different disks among which some will not be connected to the network.

    Applying these recommendations would make life easier for your business and keep it unreachable by these scammers.


    Source From: Fredzone

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