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    NASA and SpaceX are required to provide astronauts with sex in space

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    Tech companies urged to start developing space sexology so as not to deprive people outside the planet of the chance for intimacy

    Companies need to better research sex in space / Фото: Pixabay

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    Space companies like NASA and SpaceX need to think about how people will have sex in space if they want to send them there for a long time.

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    Living aboard spaceships, stations or colonizing planets creates serious problems for human proximity, writes TNW News.

    The publication has published material signed by several professors in psychology and sexology, as well as artificial intelligence:

    • Simon Dubet of Concordia University;
    • Dave Anctil of Laval University;
    • Judith Lapierre from Laval University;
    • Lisa Jakkari of Concordia University;
    • Maria Santaguida from Concordia University.
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    Problems that can be faced include radiation exposure, gravitational changes, social isolation and stress from life in remote, closed habitats.

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    Life in space also limits choice of intimate partners, confidentiality and heightens tensions between crew members in hazardous conditions.

    To date, space programs almost completely do not touch on the topic of sex in space.

    The few studies have mainly focused on the effects of radiation and micro- or hypergravity for the reproduction of animals – rodents, amphibians and insects.

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    However, restrictions on sex in space could jeopardize mental and sexual health of astronauts, as well as the effectiveness of their work, the publication says.

    Creation space erotica could help people adapt to future life outside the Earth and improve the well-being of future inhabitants of space, scientists say.

    Practical solutions to sex problems in space can also help combat sexism, discrimination and sexual violence or harassment, they write.

    “Due to taboos and conservative sexual attitudes, some organizations may ignore the realities of cosmic intimacy and sexuality,” the authors emphasize.

    But space agencies and private companies must be held accountable for sexual and reproductive well-being those whom they send off the planet, the professors are sure.

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    They called on companies involved in preparing missions to the Moon, Mars, and so on, to develop cosmic sexology as a scientific area and research program.

    We will remind, earlier we wrote that China was going to send people to Mars already in 2033 – before Elon Musk.

    Meanwhile, the daughter of the first American in space, Alan Shepard, will soon go rocketing as a tourist.


    Source From: Segodnya

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