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    ISRO challenges the United States and China with groundbreaking technology projects

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    The space conquest Increasingly aroused the enthusiasm of states to the point of becoming a race between world powers. Recently theIndian Space Research Organisation has set its eyes on future technologies such as self-powered rockets and self-destructing satellites. In total, ISRO has launched 46 projects geared towards new space technologies futuristic.

    a space rocket in full launch

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    By launching these projects, ISRO wishes to enable India to properly organize its future space missions in relation to the advanced powers. The country is thus embarking on the ” space war », The next step in international politics. For now, India is fighting with the United States and the China on which it is already far behind.

    In order to achieve its objectives, ISRO is gradually abandoning the daily launches that she realizes. In the near future, she plans to delegate them to private firms aviation industry such as NASA.

    A horde of new technologies

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    In his drive to reduce thehuge gap which exists with the world powers, India first decided to equip itself with new cutting-edge devices. In addition to self-powered rockets and self-destructing satellites, ISRO is also carrying out other research on revolutionary technologies. She mainly focused on self-healing materials, humanoid robotics and solar energy in space.

    Also in this context, the researchers are thinking of possible applications of artificial intelligence in space. Once found, they could be integrated into space vehicles and smart satellites.

    Ecological initiatives

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    Since its inception, the conquest of space has had one main drawback: the pollution. In reality, rockets sent into space produce sometimes toxic waste that fall back into the oceans. In addition, accidents that can occur with satellites are the basis of many space debris polluting the cosmos.

    To face it, the president of ISRO, K. Sivan, told the Times Of India that with self-powered rockets, debris that will be dumped into the ocean would be completely eliminated. He goes on to explain that self-destructing satellites would self-destruct using a switch, leaving no one behind. no space debris.

    For reasons ecological, ISRO took India’s needs into account when developing its new ambitions. In this perspective, the planned technologies will be designed taking into account the space available on the territory for Next 50 years.


    Source From: Fredzone

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