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Operation Dark web Postal police, loss of 16 million avoided

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Harassed journalist, Malago ':

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 29 – Over 16 million euros recovered, 12 subjects involved in the online sale of identified credit card codes, 49,761 stolen cards blocked. These are the results achieved by the Financial Cybercrime Section of the Postal and Communications Police at the conclusion of a monitoring, prevention and repression of the Dark web which lasted approximately 3 months. For 2021, the Police informs, Italy is the leading country in Europe in the fight against the sale of illegal credit card codes on the Dark web, as part of the European high-impact action called ‘Carding Action’.

The operational activity, coordinated in 9 European countries and in the United Kingdom, targeted the Dark web forums dedicated to the trading of compromised card codes known as ‘Card Shops’. In particular, through the meticulous monitoring activity and a complex analysis of over 200,000 credit card codes, the specialists of the Financial Cybercrime Section, thanks to the help provided by the investigation team of Group-IB, Europol’s technological partner, managed to block 49,761 stolen cards. The cards, mostly subject to phishing, were blocked even before they were used fraudulently, the timely reporting to the operators of the payment circuits, partner of the action, made it possible to avoid an estimated loss of about 16 million euros . In the course of the action, thanks also to the analysis of cryptocurrency transactions used as a means of payment by the sellers, the investigators of the Postal Police were able to identify 12 profiles, of different nationalities, considered among the major sellers of credit card codes compromised on the dark web, reported to the respective authorities of the countries in which they operated.


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Source From: Ansa

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