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    Ashes in space or a hearse from Tesla: funeral directors buy electric cars

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    UK’s Largest Funeral Service Provider Launches Its First Tesla Electric Hearse And Will Get Two More From Nissan

    Tesla and Nissan hearses can take you to your own funeral / Фото: Electric Hearse

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    Hearse from Co-Op Fundercare aims to serve the environmentally conscious communities in London.

    : Tesla will make a universal charging network available for other electric vehicles

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    Cars adapted from passenger car equivalents Tesla Model S и Nissan Leaf, writes TNW news.

    The outer structures of the hearses are made from recycled composite materials. Own hearse Tesla Model S can be bought for 200 thousand dollars.

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    Meanwhile Elysium Space can take your ashes to a SpaceX rocket so that at least after death you will be in space. The cost of the service is $ 2490 per person.

    The publication also fantasizes that in the future it could join the list of funeral services and Neuralink, for example, forcing your cloud brain to operate autonomously Tesla Auto.

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    Or record the voice of a person who could keep in touch with users of infotainment systems, or even voice your own funeral.

    Tesla fanatic Jeremy Judkins, for example, wants to be “placed in Gigapress and Tesla prints ” or at least “stamped in the trunk of the charging port.”

    Such hearses are already in use in other European countries, such as the Netherlands.

    We will remind, earlier Elon Musk advertised cyber whistles from Tesla, and it was sold out in a few hours.


    Source From: Segodnya

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