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Chemicals can affect the number of boys or girls born

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Mercury pollution increases the number of boys born, while lead pollution increases the number of girls, scientists say

Contamination can affect the survival of embryos of different sexes / Фото: Pixabay

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A number of pollutants and indicators of poverty have been linked to the number of children born different sex.

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The sex of the unborn child, of course, is determined at conception, but hormonal factors can lead to the death of more female or male embryos, writes The Guardian.

The new study, published in the journal Plos Computational Biology, is the first to be so massive.

It uses data about 150 million Americans for 8 years and data on 9 million Swedes for 30 years.

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Scientists have found that pollution mercury, chromium and aluminum correlates with an increase in the number of boys born, while lead contamination increases the proportion of girls.

Mercury pollution and proximity to industrial plants have led to a change in the ratio sexes up to 3%.

Among other influencing factors, they named rural life (possibly due to chemicals), a large number of fast food restaurants and stress indicators.

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Including, the correlation occurred due to Road accidents and shooting in Virginia Institute of Technology (more girls were born).

And here the season of birth, weather temperature, violent crime rate and unemployment did not show significant impact.

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Source From: Segodnya

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