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    Lava oceans and the core of Mercury: planet found with a year at 8 o’clock

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    Scientists have discovered an exoplanet that orbits a small red dwarf at a distance of 31 light years from the Sun

    The planet may be covered in oceans of lava / Photo: space.com

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    The study of a unique exoplanet close to Earth could help scientists find alien life in the same star system.

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    Planet, named GJ 367b, revolves around a dim dwarf in 31 light years from the Sun, while the Milky Way, for example, has a width of 100 thousand light years, writes Space.

    GJ 367b is rocky world, which is about 70% larger than Earth and on 55% more massive.

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    The planet makes one revolution in orbit every 7.7 hours and, therefore, is a planet with an “ultrashort period”.

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    GJ 367b discovered using data collected by satellite NASA TESS… Studies have shown that the density of the planet is higher than that of the Earth, indicating iron core.

    These properties, according to scientists, similar to the properties of Mercury, with its disproportionately large iron and nickel core.

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    The planet is not the best candidate for life as we know it. Due to its extreme proximity to the star, it is struck by stellar radiation. 500 times morethan the Earth receives from the Sun.

    If the GJ 367b ever had a substantial vibe, it almost certainly did. lost in space a long time ago.

    And according to researchers, the planet is likely locked in by tidal waves, with temperatures up to 1500 degrees on her scorching daytime side.

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    Scientists will now try to find in the same star system other planets in the hope that some of them can support life.

    We will remind, earlier we wrote that scientists discovered a unique planet on which a year lasts 16 hours.


    Source From: Segodnya

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